5 NEW Features That Will GROW Your Audience

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There are exciting things happening at sermon.net!  We have launched a new website and packed it with awesome new features.

Our database is continually growing with over 1,000,000 sermons uploaded through the Sermon Studios, worldwide.  We have been honored to serve you, our community, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the best services we can!

Our new website is just one of many updates we are doing over at sermon.net.  Our goal is to provide you the tools you need while offering a Christian-based, advertisement free, platform.  This year we decided to “up the ante” with responsive designs, Roku apps, and much much more!

We hope that these new additions will allow you to better reach your audience and serve your followers!  So without further adieu…

5 Awesome New Features From sermon.net

1) Roku App

All Sermon Studio users are now included within the sermon.net Roku App!  Roku (https://www.roku.com/) is a simple and cost effective solution for those that do not want to bother with a computer, tablet, smart phone, etc… but would rather just access content from the Internet through their TV (or monitor).  Several Ministries are providing Roku devices to retirement communities in their neighborhoods so that they can easily tune-in to watch live and/or on demand broadcasts. more info

2) Live Auto Scheduler

You can now have the date& time of your Master Live Episode automatically update between broadcasts. This will help simplify your workflow as you will not need to login to modify the date & time so that it is staged and ready to go for the next event. Simply setup your broadcast schedule and the date and time of the episode will automatically update accordingly. more info and live stream tips

3) Responsive Players (Small Screen Friendly)

The LIST PLAYER is a simple, frameless player for your Archived or Live media. It is designed to be responsive, meaning that it will fit the screen that it is being displayed within. (It will work well within your mobile-friendly pages.)  All Players that you create on the Players page are now contained within responsive iFrames, which will automatically scale up or down to accommodate the size of the screen they are being viewed on. This will be appreciated by the ever increasing number of viewers watching online media through their phones or tablets.

4) On-Demand Stats Enhanced

You can now see where people are tuning in from when listening to your on-demand / archived content.  This feature was previously limited to only Live Broadcast viewers, but the feature has been added for on-demand content as well.  You will see the VIEW MAP link/feature within the Episode page > Stats section, and within the On-Demands Stats page.


With your Sermon Studio, and the Broadcast Me App (available in the iTunes Store for just $4.99), you can Live Stream directly from your iOS device (Phone or Tablet).


As sermon.net continues to grow we will keep you updated on any and all updates and expansions. Our mission is to offer you and your listeners the best experience we can.  Hopefully, these new tools will allow you to grow your ministry and continue to serve our King!

Can you think of other features you would like to see from sermon.net? Let us know in the comments below!

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