5 Steps to A Productive Morning

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“Morning hours” can most easily be described as the first two hours after waking up. The average person will experience approximately 50,000 of these hours in their adult life. Consequently, it would be wise to for us to learn how to effectively use this time.

While many of us use this time to ease into our day, these hours are paramount to starting your day out right, and being productive!

As believers, starting out our day centered on the Lord, while also remaining focused on the tasks He has laid before us, can revitalize our work weeks and bring passion back into our lives.

Furthermore, it’s our belief that our time is our most important asset. You can’t make more of it. It’s always running out. And it’s the basis of all great memories.

On that note, here are 5 steps to an insanely productive morning


1. 10 Minutes of Critical Preparation Before Bed

The most important thing to do before your head hits the pillow, is to take 10 minutes and write down the following day’s tasks. Don’t use an app, use a simple 3×5 card.  There really is nothing like a pen and paper to give you that tactile feel. First, add the date and 5-10 tasks (including any items you didn’t finish from the previous day). Next, add numbers next to each item to represent priority. #1 being the most critical and so forth. Then, lights out. No T.V. and no phone.

2. 10 Minutes To Breathe And Center Your Heart

From the moment you wake up, it’s game time. But that doesn’t mean you should jump directly into your “to-do” list or email. Instead, get up and go through a few breathing exercises on the floor next to your bed. Focus on your breathing and try to spend a few minutes talking to God. This will center your heart and prepare you for your day.

3. Reward Yourself With Food

The #1 item on my list is always a beast. It’s the task I don’t really feel like doing–especially 10 minutes after I’ve woken up. But I do it. Because if I don’t, I can’t eat. You heard that right. I don’t allow myself breakfast until I finish my first task. Sometimes it takes me 15 minutes, sometimes an hour. But I crush through it and then make myself a healthy meal.  This is a fantastic important motivator to get you going in the morning!

4. Eat a Quick, Healthy Breakfast.

When focus and productivity are the goals, there is no time for a 30 min breakfast. But at the same token, there is no such thing as focus without your health. So, stock up on organic items that take less than 5-10 minutes to prepare–bananas, organic oatmeal, egg whites, and granola bars. I eat while focusing on the next item on my list.

5. Power Window of Quiet, Focus Time: 

Lastly, spend the remaining 30-60 minutes of your morning in a quiet place where you can focus. No interruptions. Put your phone on airplane mode. Email is not a priority unless it’s on your list. This is where you can crush through 2-3 more critical items for the day. Then, go and take your first 30 minute break.

It’s important to note, you should set a time to stop working completely.  I stop working at 6pm. No matter what. No matter how important it may be. Work stops at SIX. It allows me to look back at the day’s hustle and shift my focus toward my wife and children. It’s at this moment where I think, “it was all worth it.”

Productivity without healthy relationships is nothing. Success at work without a strong home life is nothing. Let your time be used for great things, but never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

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