5 Tips To Make 2016 The Best Yet

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As we usher in the new year we all need to be reminded that God has great things in store for 2016. Perhaps the New Year sounds daunting to you? Maybe the unmet goals and failed resolutions of years past keep you from dreaming about what God can do in 2016. I do believe that  2016 has the potential be your best year yet. Here are 5 tips to make this year unforgettable:

  • Simplify your life. In the blink of an eye, especially in ministry, it seems that life can so effortlessly become full and busy. This year, take moments to intentionally step back and think of ways to simplify your life. Reorganize your office, get rid of things you don’t need, quit holding grudges that are weighing down on you emotionally. You can live a full and uncomplicated life. Simplifying your life will make room for you enjoy more of what you love, or make room to do and experience more of what you enjoy.
  • Set boundaries to keep yourself and your ministry healthy. You can never turn ministry off, it’s a lifestyle. However it is possible to set boundaries that will allow you to keep your heart and your ministry healthy. You and your health come first before anyone else’s. A healthy heart leads a healthy ministry.
  • Try something new. Why not? 2016 is your year to branch out and try something you’ve always dreamed of. Mix up your routine by trying a new coffee shop, maybe explore an area of town you never have, or take a different route to work. Trying something new doesn’t always have to be big and expensive. Maybe write and deliver a sermon differently – use creative props, mix it up! Trying something new can reinvigorate your day and year.
  • Have one meaningful conversation every day. People are what make life interesting. It is so easy to go through the motions of each day and take for granted the people you are surrounded by. Whether it be a conversation with a stranger at the bus stop, or a long chat with an old colleague, make your conversation meaningful. Each day wake up and make a deliberate effort to ask just one more question in a conversation that would usually end with “I’m good, thanks for asking.” You will be surprised at some of the stories you hear behind the faces you walk by everyday.
  • Reflect and project. Reflect upon your 2015; how did your relationship with God grow? How was it challenged? What made you happy? Now project into your 2016 – best case scenario, what would your year look like? Make a list of adjectives and verbs that you’d like to see embodied over the next 12 months. Visualizing your year with anticipation of how you would like it to progress will help you make decisions towards your goals.



We see a beautiful promise of God in Psalm 65:11, He has crowned the year with his goodness. This next year has the potential to be your best year yet: in ministry, marriage, and personal health. 2016 is truly crowned with God’s goodness!
How will you take the above steps and apply them to your life? Share a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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