How about a Gift for your Pastor!

The Sermon Studio

It keeps on giving…

A good Pastor is a gift from God!

Share their gift with others.  The Sermon Studio from is a fantastic tool for your Pastor (or Media Team), to the benefit of the congregation and others.  It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

Who Benefits!?

– shut-ins (the elderly, hospitalized, etc…), those traveling, friends & family that do not attend church, and yourself (when you need to re-hear a message). Live “real-time” Broadcasting, and 24/7 access to your Archived messages, from just about any device. is a non-profit Christian ministry committed to spreading the word of God. You can provide your Church with the gift of an all-in-one broadcasting solution.  With there are never any Ads or destructive/improper content just one click away from your media. (A safe place for the audience.)


Your gift will equip your Church with the following:

– Live & On-demand, Media Storage & Delivery

– Custom Apps (iOS, Android, w/Chromecast)

– Inclusion in our Network Apps (iOS, Android, w/Chromecast, Roku)

– Unlimited Podcast Feeds

– Unlimited embed anywhere Players & Media Centers (work on any device)

– Media Centers that can double as a basic web site (cost saver for smaller ministries)


Free phone, email, and help desk support… to make their online broadcasting efforts are a success!  We are here and happy to help, every step of the way.


To the Donating Church Go’er… you can even do the media management (uploading, etc…) portion for them, if you have a computer and some basic computer skills.  We will help you make it happen!