If you are a Christian Media Producer looking for an online media storage and delivery tool for both live and on-demand content, perhaps Studio will do all you need! We will be your partner and work with you to ensure that you are using Studio to its fullest potential. We want your end-product to look fantastic for your clients. To that end, all consultation, setup, and support is free!


Depending on the situation, you could create a Studio account for one of your clients (just for them). However, one “Master” Studio account can be setup to handle an unlimited number of your clients. This is accomplished by separating your clients into unique Playlists within your Master Studio account. Each Playlist can contain individual Episodes (live or on-demand) from one specific client. The Playlist(s) or Episodes can then be made accessible through their own Players, Media Centers, and Podcast feeds. Again, all of this (unlimited number of clients) could be managed through one Master Studio interface. Furthermore, the Playlists can be Password protected to make sure their content can only be accessed by those that are intended to see it.


Perform Live Broadcasts, upload on-demand media (audio, video, PDF), then embed Players or Media Centers directly into their web sites, social network pages, blogs, etc….


All Players and Media Centers are fully mobile responsive, and the media is delivered using formats that ensure accessibility across the widest variety of devices and platforms.


Our data-centers and servers handle all of the media transcoding, storage, and delivery.


If you have questions and are interest in using Studio for your on-line media broadcasting and distribution needs, please let us know. Go Team! : )


We look forward to hearing from you!



Dave Johnston
VP of Product Development
1.800.807.1014 x102