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To take things for a test-drive, create a free account for your ministry:
Tutorials & Help Files:
We would be happy to go in and help you customize things to better match the look of your site (there is no fee for this integration assistance).  The Media Center, for live and on-demand access can be embedded directly into your web site.  The Media Centers are also fully mobile responsive, so they work great on devices of all shapes and sizes.
When you are ready, we will schedule some time to run a test Live Stream and Simulcast together, to be sure you are good to go.
ABOUT US is an all-in-one media (audio, video, pdf) storage & delivery solution for Churches. We have been helping ministries broadcast for well over a decade.  Audio or video Live streaming with server-side recording (in whole or in part) of your live stream to automatically build your on-demand Archive.  Or, you can simply upload your content to us.
We provide embeddable Media Centers that you can place directly into your site or wherever you would like.  We suggest you use as your safe home-base / media-hub, and share your content to your social networks and other platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Vimeo). We also provide you with podcast/RSS feeds, and Apps for Android, Apple, & Roku.
We are a Christian Ministry, serving Christian Ministries… we share your Values and Mission.  All support is free – Go Team!
Audio broadcasting accounts start at just $4.99 per month and include 10 GB of Usage. For video live streaming a 100 GB account is just $19.99.
For live broadcasting, a camera and/or microphone connected to a computer running (free) RTMP encoding software would work. There are also dedicated stream devices that negate the need for a computer system. (You can even stream directly from a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet. This is not the most stable solution, but it does work reasonably well.)
We can simulcast your live stream to your Facebook Live and/or your You Tube Live account if desired.
Here are some help files on the process…
SIMULCAST to your Social Networks:
Each message you upload, or live stream you Archive is assigned to an EPISODE. One episode can have an audio, video, pdf, and artwork image assigned to it. You can then assign your Episodes to your desired PLAYLIST(s). A PLAYLIST is a way to group your Episodes. Each Playlist can have its own Podcast feeds and Media Centers that you can embed anywhere.
You can have as many Podcast feeds as you would like. They can contain your audio, video, and / PDF files. You can then submit the feeds to iTunes to make your content available within their directory. This is an easy process.
We provide network Apps for Roku, Android, and Apple.  We also provide custom apps (for just your Ministry – at no additional charge) for Android and Apple. You can assign multiple Playlists (and their corresponding Episodes – live and/or on-demand) to your Apps.