Phone Live Streaming

We are pleased to announce a new relationship that we have formed with the team at Phone Live Streaming. You can now send your live stream to your Phone Live Streaming account. This will enable anyone to enjoy your live stream through a standard phone line. Perfect for those in your audience that do not have an internet connection.

Automated Live Streaming to Traditional Telephones

Very similar to how you connect and send video to YouTube or Facebook (RTMP), you can send the same signal to PhoneLiveStreaming. We encode the audio and make it available on your dedicated phone number. Streaming starts and stops with your regular live video streaming.

Automatically Connect Callers To Telephone Live Stream

“Live Notifications” will automatically call subscribed callers whenever your live stream starts, using your phone number. No more remembering when to call, what phone number to call, or what access code is needed. Just answer the phone. Callers can subscribe themselves by calling your dedicated phone number, or you can add them in the dashboard.

Watch this video on how to connect your Sermon Studio live stream to your Phone Live Streaming account.

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