You Need To Learn How To Forgive

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They are fresh in our minds…the events of Paris.  And it is easy to get caught up in anger, disgust, and even hate.  I’ll admit, I struggle too.  But we need to learn how to forgive…



Though we read our bibles, and we see Jesus emphatically say “Not 7 times, but 7×77 times.”  We still allow circumstances and particular instances to proctor up hatred and resentment.  

As you probably know, humans struggle with forgiveness. We’re either unable to forgive or we forgive too quickly.
Recently, I have been battling my own story of forgiveness. As I watch the media elaborate the disturbing stories of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, and others, I found myself growing an unhealthy resentment toward these communities. That is, until I watched this.


Webster defines forgiveness as: “The ability to pardon an offense without holding resentment.” The key words are “without holding resentment.” It makes me think of this quote.

“Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.”

Now I’m not asking you to forgive terrorists. I’m asking you to support the people who must live near them. To hold up a nation of children and families who need our help, our leadership, and our prayers.

And while I sit in my comfortable home this holiday season, sipping cider and listening to Frank Sinatra on Pandora, these kids will still be there. They will be hungry. They will be sick. They will be cold. And they will be scared.

So what did I do?

My wife and I set aside time as a family to pack shoe boxes for Samaritans Purse.  It was a very simple task.  Some may even say it wasn’t enough.  But for me, it was what I needed to do to allow myself to begin to forgive.

The big question is: What can you do?

Here’s your chance to make a difference. Will you do it?  Will you learn how to forgive? Let me know in the comments below.

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